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[22.02.2018] Now we have a manual.
[03.03.2018] Paper accepted at ESWC 2018.
[24.04.2018] A tsv file mapping all URI -> dataset from LinkLion.
[24.04.2018] A tsv file mapping all md5 code -> hdt dataset from LODLaundromat.
[14.06.2018] Now we have suggestions for URIs not found, based on the similarity of domain between dataset and URI.
[22.06.2018] New datasets included from https://hdt.lod.labs.vu.nl/.
[25.07.2018] Link to the video presentation during the conference ESWC 2018.
[25.07.2018] Alternative suggestions (not verified) from: https://lod-cloud.net/lod-data.json
[06.09.2018] Now, for a given SPARQL query you discover which datasets your query will work and give you results.
Example: http://wimu.aksw.org/Find?query=YOUR_ENCODED_SPARQL_QUERY
ATTENTION: your SPARQL query should be encoded due to restrictions on RFC-1738 (URLs) and RFC-2396 (URIs). Note the newer RFC-3986