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Where is my URI?

URI: http://dbpedia.org/resource/Leipzig
URI: http://citeseer.rkbexplorer.com/id/resource-CS116606
  LODLaundromat LODStats
URIs processed 4,185,133,445 31,121,342
Datasets 658,206 9,960
Triples 38,606,408,854 149,423,660,620

Example of API service usage:
- URI:

Many URIs (An example of a linkset file from http://linklion.org). Approximately 13 seconds to process a linkset-file with 42 URIs:

Which dataset(s) your SPARQL query can run.
Example: http://wimu.aksw.org/Find?query=YOUR_ENCODED_SPARQL_QUERY
ATTENTION: your SPARQL query should be encoded due to restrictions on RFC-1738 (URLs) and RFC-2396 (URIs). Note the newer RFC-3986